Christmas 2017

Living Gifts 2017 now available

Living Gifts support the work of Quaker Service Australia, the international development agency of the Quakers in Australia. By giving a Living Gift you are helping our partners in India, Cambodia, Uganda, Zimbabwe or Indigenous Australia. They will improve access to services, and increase knowledge, skills and community expertise.

When you buy one of the gifts, QSA will send you a card with an image of that gift on the front and send your donation to the project. You can write your message on the card and then give it as your present.

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A Quaker Statement 50 years after the 1967 Referendum

During the Yearly Meeting of Quakers in Australia held in July 2017, we remembered the 1967 referendum and the changes it brought, but also recognising that to create the peaceful co-existence with Aboriginal communities we seek, we need to acknowledge the past in all its complexities, provide reparation for past and current injustices, and recognize the wisdom in all our cultures, perhaps through a truth and reconciliation process.

Therefore, we commit to ‘Come and Care Right Way’ and seek in our daily lives to:

  • Educate ourselves about the history and present reality of the First Peoples of the lands we reside on, and uphold their right to self-determination; and

  • Understand the issues surrounding recognition and sovereignty; and

  • Learn from the history of the complex relationship between First Nations and other peoples, spanning massacres to cooperation,

  • Grow respect for sacred places and newer sites of significance e.g., Tent Embassies and city parks; and

  • Discern the racism within ourselves, and work towards justice, peace and healing for us all.

If you would like to read the whole of the document prepared by Quakers during the 2017 Yearly Meeting, please download here.

Donations to support the work of QSA

If you would like to make a donation to continue the work being done by QSA, this can be done by sending a cheque made out to Quaker Service Australia to our office at 119 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 or direct credit to our CUA account in the name of Quaker Service Australia, BSB 814 282, account number 50585902. Please include your name in the reference section of the direct credit and send an email to to advise us that the donation has been sent and whether you would like your donation to go to our General Fund (not tax deductible) or to one or both of our tax deductible funds, Overseas Aid Fund or Aboriginal Concerns Fund. Thank you everyone, you will be contributing to the enhanced wellbeing and opportunities within the communities in Australia, Cambodia, India and Uganda where QSA is working.

Churches Agensies NetworkQSA is proud to be a member of the Church Agencies Network (CAN) which provides another opportunity for close collaboration at many levels, including advocacy, staff training and mentoring. CAN comprises Australian church-based aid and development agencies who are members of ACFID and the National Council of Churches in Australia. Currently the members are Act for Peace; the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA); Anglican Board of Mission – Australia Ltd; Anglican Overseas Aid; Australian Lutheran World Service; Caritas Australia; Global Mission Partners; Quaker Service Australia; Salvation Army; Transform Aid, formerly Australian Baptist World Aid; and Uniting World.

You can find CAN info pack here.

How is QSA accountable to its donors?

QSA keeps regular contact with its donors and those with an interest in its work via the QSA Newsletters, and the QSA Notes which reach a broader readership, talks to Quaker Meetings and community groups.

This website is another way, and the Annual Report gives details of the projects and their achievements in the past year, about the Management Committee, and a copy of the full audited accounts.

QSA is a member of the Australian Council for International development or ACFID, and each year completes an extensive assessment of its compliance to the ACFID Code of Conduct with which QSA has been happy to be associated since its inception.

The major single donor to support QSA's work is the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In order to receive funding from DFAT, and its predecessor AusAID, it is necessary to complete a rigorous process of accreditation.

It is with great pleasure that QSA announces it has recently undertaken this process and been informed that its accreditation as a full level accredited agency has been confirmed as at June 23rd 2015, until June 2020.