Living Gifts 2017-2018 catalogue out now

High School India

Living Gifts are the economically and environmentally appropriate and sustainable way of gifting.
Let's continue to see QSA's project partners improving their quality of life with living gifts that they have identified as most meaningful for their own communities.

Download pdf version of the Living Gifts Catalogue 2017 - 2018.

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Living GiftsUGANDA
Home garden simple watering system
for people in Uganda with disabilities. $50

Health camps for poor rural communities
and their animals to receive help for any sickness from  professional doctors and veterinaries. This enables treatment to be provided at greatly subsidised rates. $40

Training rural women in basket weaving
to generate an income for the family. #3. $50

Support for a plant nursery
providing local tree seedlings to revitalise the lands of the Kooma / Gwamu People in an area called ‘Jamba Dhandan Duringala’ – the place of the happy frog in Queensland. $50

Planting materials for a women’s group
or school class, to include fruit trees, vegetable seedlings and seeds for a food garden to be established. $100

Living Gift - Water tanksUGANDA
Vaccinated chickens and initial feed
for a women headed household in a poor rural area of Uganda. $30

Living Gift - environmental educationINDIA
Financial support towards a new wind pump
and maintenance for a year, plus small scale irrigation system for the plant nurseries in Tamil Nadu, s. India. $80

Living Gifts - in memoryINDIA
Indigenous tree seedlings and early watering
to encourage growth to create a new forest area. $60 or could be used to offset carbon use during travel, using the calculator on $60

Living Gift - support where it is needed mostCAMBODIA
Financial support towards construction of household toilets
in rural communities. $90

Living Gifts - Carbon offsetsCAMBODIA
Provision of vegetable seedlings
, fruit tree seedlings and seeds for home food garden establishment. $50

Living Gifts - Carbon offsetsSupport where it is needed most. Nominate the amount and QSA will put the funds to the best possible use. ANY AMOUNT

Living Gifts - Carbon offsetsIn memory of your loved one, you choose the amount to be donated for QSA’s development work. ANY AMOUNT

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