Get Involved

Quaker Service Australia is the international aid and development agency of the Quakers in Australia. We encourage Quakers, parents students and teachers at Friends School, and anyone who shares our values and concerns to take an active role in supporting our partners throughout the world.

There are many ways to get involved in the work of Quaker Service Australia. You may wish to come along to one of our events and become better informed about the sorts of issues that our partners face on a day to day basis and the innovative ways that they are addressing these issues. You might wish to visit or volunteer at one of our shops or stalls around the country. You might wish to organise an event of your own and invite a QSA speaker to a local community or Quaker group that you are part of so that even more people are involved.

Garage Sale and Book Fair in aid of QSA

The garage sale held recently raised a total of $2,839.35 towards a water tank for QSA's breakfast program in Uganda.

Special thanks to Mardi Naulty and Jean Rosenberg for organising the event, and for the many Friends who helped make it such a success, and fun day for everyone. QSA understands that Friends were involved in setting up the sale on Friday, supervised on the day, made cakes, served morning tea and the barbeque, created games, performed, and cleaned it all away afterwards. And the behind the scenes work also involved collecting the items for sale, loading up cars and utes to bring it all to the meeting house, and also importantly, removing the unsold items at the end of a busy day. Whew what a great team of helpers Mardi and Jean had arranged, thanks to you all, not just from the QSA office but also the children at Kitamba School in Uganda who have received the funds enabling them to have a new water tank to irrigate the crops and the purchase of breakfast supplies until their crops can be harvested. The students and their teachers are so happy and we hope to have some photos of them to share with you all soon.