Working with rural farmers, teachers and youth in Uganda in a way that extends benefits to their families and broader community. Credit: QSA

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World Quaker Day 2019

Sunday October 6 Sustainability:
Planting seeds of renewal for the world we love

Paglungtad: pagtisuk sa binhi sa kabag-ohan alang sa gihigugma tang kalibutan
वैश्विक स्थायित्व: जिस विश्व से हम प्रेम करते हैं, उसके नवजीवन के बीज बोना ।

International Day of Peace

QSA has signed the International Day of Peace statement, released on Saturday September 21st 2019, and we encourage all Friends to read it and consider what part we can all play in bringing about a true day of international peace.

Download the International Day of Peace statement.

ZIMBABWE – April 2019

What a crazy, crazy difficult term they have had but they have managed to survive even though sadly their problems only get worse.  However this newsletter will be more about hope than doom and gloom.  The news of their first PhD - their first Doctor, Goodwell and his own message to us has lifted everyone and given their latest newsletter its positive slant! See more details in the link of QSA’s supported projects in Zimbabwe here.
Goodwell, who has been in the US for the last few years, has just achieved his doctorate.  He came to KGVI in Form 1 and joined the Liyana band soon after.  From day one he set his goals and his determination and dedication have paid off.  KGVI is very proud of our first Doctor.

He says:-
Mrs Hussey you worked and continue to work very hard behind the scenes for every child that is at the centre. You went an extra mile for me and two of my very close friends because you believed in us. Thank you for implementing independent living system at KG6. It was mainly through the standards that came with the system that helped me realize that the world owes me nothing but the other way around - I owe everything I have to the world. I do not want to write a book here. There are so many people to thank. You are all a part of my achievements and all the congratulatory messages I get from people really is for all that made it possible for me. THANK YOU!!!

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Refugees and asylum seekers

As a result of a generous bequest, QSA has been able to expand its financial support of communities in need to include refugees both here in Australia and overseas.

Internationally QSA is collaborating with the Refugee Council of Australia, which is the peak body for refugees, asylum seekers and their supporters in Australia. image003.jpgBetween QSA’s usual field of work in development, and that of humanitarian relief, lies an often-overlooked ‘grey area’: according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), a protracted refugee situation is, “one in which refugees find themselves in a long-lasting and intractable state of limbo. Their lives may not be at risk, but their basic rights and essential economic, social and psychological needs remain unfulfilled after years in exile…” (EC/54/SC/CRP.14). On the one hand, the situation in their country of origin is unsafe for them to return; on the other, their host country is incapable or unwilling to support them, even with access to education, healthcare or employment.

What follows is a summary of these most recently commenced projects – go here.

Donations to support the work of QSA

If you would like to make a donation to continue the work being done by QSA, this can be done by sending a cheque made out to Quaker Service Australia to our office at:

Unit 14, 43-53 Bridge Road,
Stanmore 2048

or direct credit to our CUA account in the name of

Quaker Service Australia
BSB 814 282
Account number 50585902.

Please include your name in the reference section of the direct credit and send an email to us, using the contact form, to advise us that the donation has been sent. All of our donations are now tax deductible.

Thank you everyone, you will be contributing to the enhanced wellbeing and opportunities within the communities in Australia, Cambodia, India and Uganda where QSA is working.

Churches Agensies NetworkQSA is proud to be a member of the Church Agencies Network (CAN) which provides another opportunity for close collaboration at many levels, including advocacy, staff training and mentoring. CAN comprises Australian church-based aid and development agencies who are members of ACFID and the National Council of Churches in Australia. Currently the members are Act for Peace; the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA); Anglican Board of Mission – Australia Ltd; Anglican Overseas Aid; Australian Lutheran World Service; Caritas Australia; Global Mission Partners; Quaker Service Australia; Salvation Army; Transform Aid, formerly Australian Baptist World Aid; and Uniting World.

You can find CAN info pack here.